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Rudy's Facts: New roofing materials are being used on RVs.

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Solutions for virtually every old,
worn and tired RV roof

Dicor roofing products have been installed on nearly 3 million RVs in the last
20 years. Our tremendous experience in testing, installing and servicing
RV roofs has enabled us to formulate aftermarket systems to restore almost any
RV roof to a virtually new appearance. You can trust our products to effectively
and safely renew EPDM, TPO, metal and fiberglass roofs.

Each system is formulated in a 2 or 3 step process. Part one prepares
the old roof to maximize adhesion and performance of the new coating.
Then, the finishing part delivers an all-new coating that protects and beautifies.

Look for Rudy on the package to assure it's a genuine Dicor Products roof restore system.

Rubber Coating Roof System

This commercial grade system can be used on EPDM and TPO roofs. First, use the primer/activator (required). Then apply the acrylic coating to extend the life of the roof membrane. Saves 25% in labor compared to similar systems and has a quick drying time.

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Metal Coating Roof System

New 3-part solution for restoring old, rusty metal RV roofs. Remove the rust, then use the primer to prepare the metal. Then apply the fleece-backedtape to all metal roof seams and finish with the Elastomeric RV Roof Coating to create a like-new, brilliant white roof covering.

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Fiberglass Coating Roof System

New system specially formulated to make old fiberglass roofs look like new. Step one is to remove all wax, oil, dirt and road grit using Dicor's Fiberglass Clean and Prep. The brilliant white, 100% acrylic coating is then applied to form a flexible layer over any fiberglass roof to protect, resist algae and mildew, reflect the sun's heat and beautify the RV.

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