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New roofing materials being used by RV manufacturers
For many years EPDM (rubber) and TPO (a thermoformed flexible plastic) have been used for RV roofs. They are among the most resilient, reliable and toughest roofing materials used by RV manufacturers. Until recently, TPO production was protected by a patent ensuring a consistent chemical composition, however, that patent has expired. As companies raced to bring variations of TPO to market it has become clear that not all TPO is created equal. In fact, TPO is now being formulated with a variety of polymers that vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some of the newly formulated TPO began appearing in the RV market last year.

Dicor tests new materials
Being the leading supplier of RV roofing, as well as RV roofing care and maintenance products, Dicor tested some of these new TPO formulations against sealants currently available on the market. We found that some TPO roofing membranes are not chemically compatible with off-the-shelf sealants. When these sealants are used on some new TPO membranes, bloating and disfiguration of the membrane results. Although mostly a cosmetic problem (i.e. it does not reduce the performance of the roofing material or sealant), Dicor proceeded to develop a new system to help eliminate or significantly reduce these cosmetic issues in most cases (see Ultra Sealant System below).

How do you know if your RV has one of these new
TPO membranes?

Frankly most people will not know if their roof is covered with EPDM or TPO. However, if your RV was manufactured before 2011, you probably don't need to be concerned as these new TPO formulations were not in use then. For these RVs, Dicor Lap Sealant provides a watertight seal as well as excellent adhesion, while remaining flexible.

The Dicor Ultra Sealant System is a new product tested effective and safe on most known TPO roofing. Always prime with Ultra Sealant Primer before sealing.

What if your RV was built in 2011 or later?
Before applying sealant, you will need to determine if your RV roof is covered with EPDM or TPO. This is fairly easy to determine. If you are having work done by your RV dealer, even if it is not roof related, ask him/her to make this determination for you and keep the information handy for future reference. If you are not having work done and would like to determine what type of roof you have, click here to download a handy EPDM/TPO Discovery Guide. This guide will help you find out what type of roof membrane you have and will aid you in choosing the right sealant for your RV.

New Dicor Ultra Sealant 2-Part System
The key to this easy-to-use product's success is the 2-part system consisting of a primer and a specially formulated sealant. Part 1 (Ultra Sealant Primer) is easily applied using a 1-1/2" paintbrush. After the primer has dried a bead of Ultra Sealant is applied.

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