The Rudy RV Improvement Report
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Thank you for recently subscribing to my RV Care eBulletins. You will soon begin to receive handy hints and ideas for your RV care. But first, I thought a quick introduction would be helpful.

I'm here as an online and publication resource (Dicor's experienced customer service folks answer the phones) to help you take care of your RV in a number of areas, but most notably your RV roof. My "expertise" comes from Dicor Products' more than 25 years of experience as the leading supplier of RV roofing and other important components. I will not try to sell you anything, but will simply be a resource for giving you helpful information and sharing my knowledge. And to be a friendly reminder of how important RV roof care is.

As we like to say, there's a lot riding under your RV roof. Your roof's primary purpose is to protect the inside of the RV from whatever's going on outside, most importantly…water. When you think of all the furnishings, appliances and structural elements of your RV — and all your stuff — there is A LOT that can be harmed by roof leaks, not to mention cosmetic damage that can adversely affect your RV's appearance and value.

We are currently compiling a useful handbook of helpful roofing care ideas and methods and as a subscriber you will receive some ideas in advance of the book, direct to your in-box, through these eBulletins. You will also be alerted when the book is finished so you can download it (for free) from the Dicor Products website.

Keep an eye out in your email for our first eBulletin regarding roof inspection, coming soon.

Back to you soon!

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